With the current state rules, we are not requiring masks at this time. If you would like your artist to wear a mask, please just let us know, and we will happily oblige.  Booking tattoo appointments will be different depending which artist you want. For booking instructions, click the "HOW TO BOOK" button on the home page. For general questions,  call the shop at (360)807-0433


It seems like at most shops, if you can’t pick it off the wall or bring exactly what you want fully prepared, it’s difficult to attain the design of your imagination. At Lucky No. 3, we make the process of getting the custom tattoo of your dreams easy and comfortable. You will notice that our walls are not covered with typical “pick it off the wall” tattoo flash (though we do have a healthy selection of classic designs, and LOVE to tattoo classic flash!). Our walls proudly display original paintings and art by our tattoo artists themselves. We are artists that specialize in creating custom designs for our clients from scratch.

Tattoo Prices

It is difficult to gauge the cost of your tattoo until you and your tattoo artist have discussed the many variables that will affect the price of your piece. There is a minimum charge of $100 for all tattoo work. Size, detail, color, your artist’s hours spent on your custom tattoo, location on the body, density, and style will all effect the price of your tattoo. Give us a call at 360-807-0433  or click the "HOW TO BOOK" button on the home page for booking information for your preferred artist. 


We are proud to offer full body piercing. Our piercer, Aaron is here for all of your piercing and body jewelry needs. From the most simple earlobe or facial piercing to more complex multiple-piercing projects. Looking for something special? We can probably find it, or have it made. We offer jewelry from many different companies to fit almost any budget, no matter how extravagant or minimal.


Price List For Body Piercing with Basic Jewelry

        Piercing.                                    Minimum age                        Cost

  • Tragus.             ————                   14.           ———         $80
  • Anti-tragus      ————                   16            ———        $70
  • Rook                 ————                   14            ———        $70
  • Daith                 ————                  14            ———        $70
  • Lobe(s)             ———-                     9              ———      $60/100
  • Transverse Lobe     ——                  16            ———         $100
  • Industrial           ———                     14           ———          $90
  • Bridge                ———                     18           ———          $80
  • Conch                ———                     14           ———-         $80
  • Helix                   ———                    12           ———           $60  
  • Double               ———                    12           ———           $100
  •  Triple                 ———                    16           ———           $140
  • Snug                  ———                    16           ———           $70
  • Lip/Monroe       ———                    16           ———           $80
  • Septum             ———                    13           ———           $70
  • Nostril               ———                    13           ———           $80
  • Eyebrow           ———                    16           ———           $70
  • Smiley               ———                   16            ———           $70
  • Labret               ———                   16            ———           $80
  • Inverse Lip       ———                   16            ———           $70
  • Vertical Labret   —-—                   16           ———           $70
  • Filtrum "Medusa" ——                  16          ———            $80
  • Tongue               ———                  16          ———            $70
  • Navel                  ———                 14          ———             $70
  • Nipple(s)            ———                  18          ———         $70/$120
  • Jewelry Install/Removal.                 —                                 $10
  • Genital piercing is available with consultation

Jewelry upgrades are always available which can include gem sizes,  jewelry material, and gauge. We are proud to offer jewelry from BVLA, Body Gems, and  LeRoi, along with organic options.  Lucky no. 3 always encourages our clients to listen to the piercer’s recommendations regarding the best jewelry and placement for your particular piercing!

All piercing is performed using single-use needles, sterile equipment, and brand new, sterilized, grade ASTM F 136 titanium, Niobium, or Gold.

Piercing is available by appointment, Wednesday-Sunday,  noon to 8 

Anyone under 18 is required to have a legal guardian present at the time of the piercing or jewelry install. We require identification for both the minor as well as the legal guardian. Examples of acceptable ID are: Drivers license, Birth Certificate, Military ID, Passport, or any other government issued ID. If last names are the same, we can accept school ID. If they are different, we require a birth certificate. 

We do not offer micro dermal anchors, surface piercings, dimples, or horizontal tongue piercings.