February 24


Lucky No. 3 Tattoo Company Grand Opening Party

By luckywebadm

February 24, 2015

So here we go.. our first blog..

First of all we want to thank everyone in Lewis County that has helped us to make the shop a success. We’ve worked really hard for this shop and the response from all of you has been awesome. Come check out the site often because we’ll be updating all the time.

Last month we had a party for our grand opening (we know we were already open, but the timing was just right for us). We had an open art show for the masses, tattoos and piercings for the lucky few who made it into the chair, a raffle for a free 3 hours of tattooing, and live music by our friends from the north, Jangle and Twang.. The band killed it, thanks for putting up with all us tattooed fucks, and thanks for the baby makin’ music, guys.. check em out www.jangleandtwang.com ……

A good time was had by all and the big raffle winner is Jarrod Woods, who got a sick revolver piece from Genaro the next day.

Again, we just want to thank the people of Centralia for welcoming us in our new spot.. And definitely come back to the site often for more tattoos, piercings, paintings, and our general ramblings about life, death, and biscuits and gravy.

Here’s a pic of the winning tattoo by Genaro

grand prize winner 38-special


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