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The year was 1981. A young couple from the Washington DC area named Jan and Greg have awoken to the sound of a screeching hawk bearing down on their bed from an open skylight. Gripped tightly in the hawks talons is a blonde baby boy. The hawk dropped the boy, swaddled in the skin of a griffin, into the unsuspecting couple’s lap. Jan looked into Greg’s eyes, they knew they must raise this child as their own, and that he was destined for greatness. They named him Alexander.

Though the child’s body did not grow quicker than average, his mind was becoming exponentially sharper by the minute. By 9 months, he was potty trained. At age 3, he began to study the techniques of the greats such as DaVinci, Archimboldo, and Michaelangelo. The next 10 years were spent honing his skills as artisan and craftsman of the highest caliber. He graduated high school at age 13, and graduated Yale at age 14.

After a few years of traveling to “find himself”, Alexander returned to America with stories of his exploits. He had wrestled alligators, won the World Series of Poker, flown around the world in a hot air balloon, achieved nirvana, and gone bald, all before he turned 18.

It was around that time, Alexander found himself having visions of an ancient monk. The monk told him that to become a holy man, one must do holy work, and that work is the tattoo. The monk also gave him all the knowledge of the ancient tattoo masters, he felt it coursing through his veins like fire. With the burning knowledge of all the tattoo greats, Alexander immersed himself in the world of tattoo. He flew all over the world once again just to fine tune his skills, and to put together the ultimate team of tattoo artists to open the most transcendent of tattoo studios. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Lucky No.3 Tattoo Company.

Seriously though, I’m just a regular guy that really likes art. I grew up in northern Virginia I got my first tattoo when I was 14. I started an apprenticeship to learn to pierce at age 16 to get my foot in the door for tattooing and moved to Portland, OR when I was 18. I worked around a few shops, basically building a portfolio. I started working for Metro on Hawthorne Ave when I was 22, and then shortly after started spending the rest of my time at a tattoo shop in Vancouver called Studio 86. That shop closed due to poor management and bad location, so it was back to full time at Metro. When i was 23, I started a tattooing apprenticeship, but after a while I realized that it wasn’t going anywhere and after a falling out with the owners of that shop, went my own way. At 25, I met Josh, and we worked together for a while at F.A.T.and then he moved to Florida, leaving me in charge of the shop in Washington. I ran Fine Art on my own for a year and after that Josh came back to good ole warshington, and the crew was back together again. I’m married to a fantastic woman named Danielle, since’08, we have a seven year old son named Devan,and if there’s one thing I know about family, it’s don’t fuck with mine.

We left F.A.T. in November of 2010 and opened Lucky No.3 Tattoo Co. and we’re not looking back. This is the shop we’ve all worked for years to achieve, so come check us out!


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Customer Testimonials

Best tattoo shop around. Alex will always be my go-to tattoo artist. I’ve gotten multiple pieces done by him and I’m never dissapointed

Stevie H.

Excellent. Amazing work great atmosphere and fair pricing. There is nothing bad that could be said about this place. Will be back.

Max W.