My name is Tyler Blumenthal and I am an artist at lucky no.3 tattoo company.
I tend to specialize in neo-traditional style tattooing. I’ve pretty much been involved with art since i was a young kid drawing in my room for hours at a time. Being a self taught artist I’m always learning new things and trying to push the envelope one piece of art work
at a time.

Apprenticeships aren’t exactly easy to come by so to get into a shop i really had to work for it. It was February 2015 which had been months and months after me hounding Joshua Paulino to give me a chance to prove myself under his guidance. Finally, he gave in and I was on my new path and i wasn’t looking back. For over 2 years i was drawing,
cleaning, booking appointments and doing food runs. lets just say it was bitter sweet but it made me the tattooer I am today.

Fast forward to the present! I am a full time artist with a full time imagination. I love being able to take someones ideas and bring them to life. Its time to keep doing bigger and better things.


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Customer Testimonials

I just got a large ribcage tat done by Josh Paulino, Monday night (11.29.10). Awesome work. Awesome atmosphere.

Joshua E.

Those custom tattoos were AWESOME… I love my owl! It is SWEET!!!

Ashley J.

Some of Tyler's Art